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How To Make A Purchase
Q: How do I make a purchase?
A: You can make a purchase one of two ways.
    1. (Faster) Use Google Checkout by selecting items throughout the site and submitting your order in the shopping cart in the upper right corner.
    2. (Slower) Click here to submit the manual purchase form and pay check by mail. After submitting the form you will receive an email with further instruction on how to pay. Checks must clear before the order will be processed.

Purchase Method 1 Further Instruction - Google Checkout (Shopping Cart)

- Navigate to the appropriate Image Gallery and find the images you want to purchase.
- For each image, click on the image thumbnail. A larger image and a dropdown menu will appear for that image (verify the image number is correct).
- Now select the SIZE and STYLE you want to purchase of that image and click the "Add To Cart" BUTTON under the dropdown.
- Your selected item will now appear in the shopping cart in the upper right corner of the site.
- Do this for each item you want to purchase and then click on the Google Checkout button in your shopping cart.

Purchase Method 2 Further Instruction - Check By Mail (Slow)

- Note ALL the Image Numbers (ie. IMG0004, IMG00021, etc) for each image you want to purchase from throught the site.
- Navigate to the manual purchase form and complete as much as possible (minimum of required fields)
- In the Comments section note ALL of the image numbers you would like to purchase
- Further instruction regarding SIZE, STYLE, FRAMING, MATTING, PAYMENT, etc will be emailed to you within 48hrs of submission.
- This form will describe the details of your order and be used to determine what is required of your Purchase Order email.
***NOTE: For "Check By Mail" orders, your order will not be placed until your Purchase Order email OR phone order is received by Devout Image.
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